If you are having issues getting your payment to process on the site, you may always contact our customer support for further information regarding your payment. Be sure to check over the payment information to make sure everything is correct such as the card number, billing address, etc. We do also offer PayPal check out if needed. 

My payment shows it went through but the payment was declined.

If the payment has been declined, there may be a hold on the payment if this was subtracted from your account. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do to make these funds re-appear as this is how the system would search for the funds when attempting to place the order. You may re-attempt this if needed, the declined charge will drop off of the account within 2-5 business days. 

My card was charged twice. 

There is a chance that the order may have gone threw twice or payment could have been declined. This could have been due to a slow internet connection or a duplicate press on the Place Order button. Please contact the customer service if you have received two invoices to your email. 

Need more help? Please CLICK HERE to open a support ticket.